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Monday, June 9, 2008


~Edited by Mr. Lim

I will like to write this entry in English, so that our dearest hosts in Switzerland can understand what I feel about their lovely house and more importantly, their warm hospitality.

We stayed with the Krebs family in Cornaux, Neuchatel from 24th Dec’07 to 30th Dec’07, and spent another night in transit on 8th Jan ’08.

The house that Bernard and Maya stayed for more than 20 years is in every way the home of my dreams. I believe it is made almost entirely out of wood and hence it exudes the warmth and country feel that I like so very much. This is one of my favorite corners, where I slept there twice on Christmas Eve night (Very comfortable…).

These are the sun catchers that Maya made! Besides having "mythical" powers the name is just like my blog name: Dream(er) Catcher. :)
Maya made all these and hang them on the glass window in the house. When the sun light shines thru the sun catcher’s crystals, a whole spectrum of coloured dots will brighten up the entire room.

This picture is again taken in my favorite corner. Guess what is this cabinet made for?
This is a TV cabinet!

View from the small path where the garden is, this is how the house looks like.

There is a backyard with apple trees. Maya makes great apple juice from these apple trees. There are herbs and other "food" plants that she grows which when added to her exquisite culinery skills, will certainly garner a few Michelin stars.

And there's of course Timmy... the trusted mouse-catching family cat. Despite being a little estranged (probably due to bad human experiences when it was still a kitten), Timmy always brighten up my day whenever she pops by the front porch to get your attention or at the kitchen window for a bite.


Hong Guang said...

the kitty is so cute..

XJ said...

Yes, it is!