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Saturday, May 31, 2008


~by Mr Lim

Paris is truely a melting pot of culture, history and cuisine of Europe. You can spend weeks on end visiting the numerous museums, galleries, restaurants and you'll still yearn for more.

However, like most cosmopolitan cities, you'll have to know where to go to get what you're looking for. The food for instance, my advice is to avoid the main tourist streets (eg along Champs Elysees) and just wander down the alleys.

We found this quaint little boulangerie in one of the alleys near our hotel called "Coquelicot" which means a little red flower in French that serves EXCELLENT pastries and hot chocolate. Like most parisan bakeries, Coquelicot serves freshly baked authentic french pastries at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the ambience is really cozy and this will be the perfect first stop before you begin your day!
Breakfast Set in Coquelicot

The other eating places we've been to (eg Montmartyr) were really tourist haunts and the quality (vs the cost) leaves much to be desired. After a while, we've set our expectations right with regards to food when we visit places like these in Paris.
one of the 'tourist haunts' restaurant

Food aside, our trip in Paris was great and especially for XJ who has found her artistic inspiration in Gustav Klimt again in the Orsay Museum. We'll probably cover the sights and sounds of the places we've visited after reviewing our European culinary experience.

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